F1 Cars (used)

Would you like to own a real Formula 1 car? The very same one that your favorite driver used to drive? Would you?

On www.f1-sales.com/stock.htm there are currently 7 Formula 1 cars availble:

Arrows 1993 FA-14
Arrows 1993 FA-14 complete with Hart V8 3.5L engine.
Fitted with sequential gearbox. Immaculate condition. Full pit equipment
PRICE: £99,500

MAKE: Arrows FA-14
YEAR: 1993
DRIVERS: Derek Warwick & Aguri Suzuki
PRICE: £99,500
 Arrows FA 14  Arrows FA 14

Arrows 2001 AX3 3-Seater
Arrows 3 seater F1 car converted by Arrows in 2001 from A20 to take driver and 2 passengers. Fitted with Hart V10. Up and running, ready to work. Spares including engine and pit equipment available. 2 chassis available.
PRICE: £275,000 each

MAKE: Arrows AX3                                 CHASSIS: 3-Seater
YEAR: 2001                                           PRICE: £275,000
 Arrows AX3Arrows AX3
Benetton 1996 B196
1996 Benetton B196. Choice of 3 cars – ex Alesi/Berger complete and running with fresh Judd V10 4.0. Semi-automatic gear change. Original colour scheme. Vast spares package and all pit equipment also available.
PRICE:from £179,500

MAKE: Benetton B196
YEAR: 1996
DRIVERS: Berger and Alesi
PRICE: From £179,500
 Benetton B196  Benetton B196

Benetton 1997 B197
1997 Benetton B197. Choice of 2 cars driven by Alesi/Berger complete and running with Judd V10 4.0. paddle shift gear change. EuroBOSS Championship winning cars. Vast spares package and all pit equipment available.
PRICE: from £250,000

MAKE: Benetton B197
YEAR: 1997
DRIVERS: Berger and Alesi
PRICE: From £250,000
 Benetton B197  Benetton B197

Benetton 1998 B198
1998 Benetton B198. Choice of 3 cars – 2 rolling chassis and 1 up and running with V10 3.5l Judd. Vast spares package available and all pit equipment to operate and maintain the cars.
PRICE: from £75,000 and £175,000

MAKE: Benetton B198
YEAR: 1998
DRIVERS: Fisichella and Wurz
PRICE: from £75,000 and £175,000
 Benetton B198  Benetton B198

Ferrari 1995 412T2 V12
1995 Ferrari 412T2. Choice of 2 cars driven by Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger. Fitted with fully running and original spec V12 engines.
PRICE: from £450,000

MAKE: Ferrari 412T2 V12
YEAR: 1995
Driver: Jean Alesi & Gerhard Berger
PRICE: From £450,000
 Ferrari 412T2 V12  Ferrari 412T2 V12

Jaguar 2002 R3
2002 Jaguar R3 driven by Mark Webber. Complete up and running car with fresh Cosworth CK V10 and in original Livery. Spares package available. All pit starting equipment can be supplied also technical back up and help to run.
PRICE: from £299,500

MAKE: Jaguar R3
YEAR: 2002
DRIVERS: Mark Webber
PRICE: From £299,500
 Jaguar R3 Jaguar R3

Buy one of them now on ww.f1-sales.com

If your question is “where am I going to drive a F1 car?” just check the “How-To” section on thevaliens.com, you may decide to build your own racing track!

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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