Darlington Football Club

Darlington Football Club

Anyone interested in assisting the Club or acquiring the Club out of administration should therefore contact my office on +44 1642 790790 as a matter of urgency.

Darlington (the mighty Darlo) are Georgi’s favourite football team and face the threat of extinction within a very short space of time. The chairman has today announced that he is putting the club into administration, there is a transfer embargo on the club, they have been deducted 10 points which leaves them perilously close to the relegation zone despite now playing some great football under the guidance of the youth team coach Craig Liddle, who deserves great credit for maintaining a thoroughly professional and dignified outlook amidst all of the off-field problems. During the past few weeks while he has been in charge the team spirit has been lifted and all of the players have been pulling together despite not being paid.

The administrators have issued the following statement:

Statement on behalf of Joint Administrator Harvey Madden:

I was appointed as Joint Administrator of Darlington Football Club (2009) Limited, together with my co-Administrator, Peter Gray, earlier today by the directors of the Club.

I am currently exploring all options to try and find a way to enable the Football Club to remain in existence but the position of the Club is such that without any financial support from outside the Club or anyone willing to acquire the Club I will, unfortunately, have little alternative but to cease to trade in a very short time.

Anyone interested in assisting the Club or acquiring the Club out of administration should therefore contact my office on +44 1642 790790 as a matter of urgency.

Every day is critical if the Club is to survive.

So it is that this page has been created – an attempt to bring our predicament to the attention of anyone out there who may see this as an opportunity to invest a certain amount of money in a going concern in Britain, one which could bring pleasure to thousands and make a name for themselves, along with having a toe-hold business in the UK upon which they could expand. Or something like that and, yes, we are all just clutching at straws right now!

Read on dear potential hero investor/saviour…


Darlington Football Club The Stadium

Darlington Football Club The Stadium

The Northern Echo Darlington Arena*

The Northern Echo Darlington Arena is a modern 27,500 capacity all-seated purpose-built football stadium and home to English Conference club Darlington FC.

The (now former) club chairman, local businessman Raj Singh, has today (3rd January 2012) withdrawn his financial support to the club and placed it into the hands of Joint Administrator Harvey Madden and Peter Gray. a move which may well signal the end of this famous old club in its present form – if not forever.

The current problems surrounding the club stem from the fact that the stadium and the football club do not share the same ownership, and there have been a few issues surrounding attempts to rectify this situation and bring both club and stadium under a single ownership. The owners of the stadium have repeatedly stated that they have no interest in the football club, and they value the stadium at a higher price (GBP 2 million) than the former chairman of the football club was prepared to offer. Additionally the local town council imposed a covenant on the land which was sold to the then owner of the football club, George Reynolds, at a heavily discounted price. The covenent was put in place to protect tax-payer’s money by ensuring that 75% of any future sale of the stadium site would be returned to the council thereby preventing the landowners from profiteering by selling the stadium to a property developer.
Aerial photo of the Arena**

Darlington Football Club - aerial view of the stadium

Darlington Football Club – aerial view of the stadium

If you are interested in either investing some money to save the club, or even taking over the club in its entirety please contact Joint Administrators Harvey Madden or Peter Gray, directly on +44 1642 790790, or use the contact form on this site if you need any additional information, I’d be happy to help save our club!

Thanks for your time
Paul Tate

* These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

** http://les-plus-beaux-stades.skyrock.com/

— Original source http://darlo.georgi.co.uk/?x=entry:entry120103-124312

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