Billionaire Vodka

Creator: Leon Verres

Price: $3.7 Million

Designed by renowned luxury designer, Leon Verres, the all new Billionaire Vodka has been concocted for the uber rich and therefore carries a befitting price tag of a whopping $3.7 million. Mr. Verres is the same man who came out with the immensely popular worlds most expensive champagne called, Billionaire Champagne and has now introduce the most expensive Vodka in the world. Each of these stunning bottles carry up to five liters of exclusive vodka that has been developed using a secret Russian recipe. The entire manufacturing process revolves around distilling of wheat as well as pure water after which the resultant solution is put through a filtration process numerous times. However, the most astounding element of the confidential distillation process is that the solution is poured over diamonds that themselves amount to millions of dollars. Apart from the luxury vodka, the bottle itself exuberates nothing but sheer elegance, as the Billionaire Vodka bottle is studded with some 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystal make up for the alphabet ‘I’ in the word Billionaire.


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