Sea monkeys


Sea Monkey urban legends abound, and it is no surprise considering just how little we know about our briny friends! So what rumours are spreading in the Sea Monkey community and are they true? Only the Sea Monkey Lady can tell!

Okay, where to begin with the wrongness of this? Sea Monkeys are not evil. Sea Monkeys are not demons. However…they do have trouble reaching maturity because of the evil things people do to them, such as drinking, eating, or ignoring them. We neglect our Sea Monkeys when we go on holiday, leaving them all alone without additional food or oxygen. We treat them poorly, flushing them down toilets when we get bored with them, or when our brothers want to exact a little sibling revenge. We are cruel to Sea Monkeys, so can you blame them for possibly harboring some kind of malicious feelings towards a race of humans upon whom they depend but who constantly let them down? To be honest, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if they did rise up and take over the world just to teach us a lesson…making us live without oxygen or food or interesting toys to play with. They could bang on our tanks and yell “Look at the little humans!” or drink us for fun…But I digress….


Do Sea Monkeys eat their own eggs, offspring, or each other??? No, Sea Monkeys are not cannibalistic in any way and are, in fact, loving, kind, peaceful creatures who will fight each other for mating rights, but for no other reason. I can assure you that in my years of keeping Sea Monkeys, I have never ever seen them eat each other nor can I find any information from the brine shrimp world that would indicate that they might eat each other. So, to those who think that your rapidly dwindling numbers in the tank are because of late night snacking and revenge dining, you’re wrong!

CONCLUSION: Sea Monkeys are NOT cannibals and do not eat each other!

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