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Shopping with The VALiens: Kittivat Bakery’s

  • Do you want to give an additional touch to your family sunday lunch?
  • Do you want to give your grandmas or grandsons a piece of heart everymorning?

Bread is the answer!

This sunday, and everymorning you can satisfy your need going to Kittivat Unarrom Bakery’s, Thailand:

Kittivat  bakery in Ratshaburi, Thailand: Great Bread for every family Sunday lunch!


At Bakery Kittivat Unarrom you can have body parts out of bread. Let’s look at the details of his Kittivat sculptures.
Asia more than once pleased us with their culinary traditions, such as eggs in the urine, which are quite popular in one of the provinces in China. However, this selection may further make people glad, as all products here look like human body parts

Thai artist and at the same time, the baker bakes Kittivat Unar scary bread, sculpted in the form of dismembered human body parts. Beginning in 2006, the Thai artist uses dough as a base material for realistic hands, feet, head, torso and other body parts. All sculptures are completely edible and are sold in a family store, bakery. Eyes, lips and other parts are created from scrap products – cashew nuts, raisins, etc.

Kittivat skillfully draws each piece to make it look as terrifying and shocked shoppers, which can later become his client. Lack of hair and lots of fake blood make these body parts look like they were taken from a forensic laboratory

To achieve such a stunning realism Kttiuot spent a lot of time studying anatomy and attending court museums. At the same time he continued to work hard to make their work both to eat

Kittivat manages its own bakery in Ratshaburi, Thailand. His family baking tradition passes from generation to generation, and the author has learned to bake bread, when he was 10 years old

—- article taken from —– pictures taken from unofficial Kittivat Facebook Account –

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