Fox urine


Fox Urine FAQs

What is fox urine powder?
Shake Away™ is a 100% organic powder that simulates the smell of a fox which is the natural predator for rabbits, possums, woodchucks, and groundhogs. It is environment-friendly, biodegradable and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


How does fox urine work?
Fox urine odors have been used by hunters, photographers, and the like for many years to help direct small critters to and from food sources. SHAKE-AWAY™ is 100% organic fox urine powder. SHAKE-AWAY™ Fox Urine Powder will create a misleading image that foxes are present in your lawn or garden and this will help direct small critters away, as the odor of a fox is a danger signal to small critters.

How does fox urine powder differ from liquid fox urine? 
Fox urine powder works longer, smells stronger, and won’t soak into the ground, evaporate or freeze like liquid fox urine. Fox urine powder works longer and smells stronger than liquid fox urine.

Is fox urine safe for the environment and animals?
Fox Urine is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for use around humans, pets, plants, bushes, trees and the environment.

How often should I sprinkle the powder?
We recommend that you sprinkle along the perimeter of your lawn, bushes, trees, gardens or flowerbeds twice a week for the first two weeks. After that time you could do it once a month or so.

How should I apply the powder?
Sprinkle Shake-Away™ powder lightly around areas you want to protect; lawn, bushes, trees, gardens, flowerbeds. Make sure the powder is applied on each corner of the area you want to protect. For protection over larger areas, sprinkle powder lightly for three feet then skip three feet and repeat this process until the entire area is covered. Shake-Away™ can be sprinkled lightly over bulbs, bushes, flowers and trees for maximum protection. For vegetable gardens, sprinkle shake-away™ approximately one foot away from plants and around the perimeter of your garden. You can sprinkle the powder lightly between the rows of plants for added protection.

To protect against burrowing animals such as woodchucks, groundhogs, gophers, prairie dogs, chipmunks, etc., sprinkle the Fox Powder directly into every hole you find in your yard, gardens, etc.

To protect against moles, sprinkle Shake-Away™ in every hole you find in your yard and take a small stick or similar object and poke a hole, 2″ inches deep and every four feet along all tunnels. Sprinkle the powder in each hole and cover them over with dirt.

Fox Urine Coverage Information

20 oz. Container: The 20oz container will put down a line of protection up to 600 feet long.

3 lb. Container: This 3 LB container will put down a line of protection up to 1,500 feet long. Our easy to use mid-sized 3 LB container provides almost 2.5 times more Shake-Away than our 20oz size and provides a 20% savings. This size includes a built-in shaker handle that makes application of the all natural product easy.

12 lb. Container: Our 12 LB size will put down a line of protection up to 5,000 feet long when used as directed. Shake-Away Rodent Repellent in our Large 12 LB Economy Size provides nearly 10 times more product than our 20oz container and saves over 40% off the price.

You will receive up to five (5) feet of protection on each side of the powder when applied directly on the ground.

Fox Urine Usage Instructions

General: Apply Shake-away powder twice a week for the first two weeks, then twice a month for maintenance. Allow up to two to three weeks for Shake-away powder to take full effect.

Burrowing: Sprinkle Shake-away powder directly into every hole you find in your yard, flowerbeds, along foundations, etc.

Tunneling: For tunneling, poke a two-inch deep hole every three to four feet along all tunnels. Sprinkle Shake-away powder into each hole and then cover with dirt.

Inside of Buildings – Attics, Basements, Garages, Sheds: Place two to four ounces of Shake-away powder on a paper plate or the like. Place one plate per every 8 x 10 foot area (80 square feet). Replace every four to six weeks or as needed.

Outside of Buildings: Sprinkle Shake-away powder near small cracks or openings along the foundation of your house, garage, shed, or other buildings.

Special Notes:

  • Shake-away’s patented formula will not harm or burn your plants, bushes, or trees.
  • Shake-away is not affected or diluted by light or moderate rain, but may need to be reapplied after a heavy rain.
  • Shake-away is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for use around children, pets, plants, and the environment.


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