Part VI


People Nation Identifiers
Symbols are: crown; staff; crescent; dice; number 5; spanish cross; cholo; pyramid; glove; five point star; champagne glass; and bunny head.

Members of People Nation sets (gangs) are known to use these (and other) symbols:

It isn’t uncommon for the leader and another member to execute one for disrespecting the crown of the kings. Once you become a King or Queen, you are “crowned” for life.

In addition to these symbols, People Nation groups also use left identifiers. For example they:

  • Form their hand signs with the left hand.

  • Wear their hats cocked or tilted left.

  • Roll up the left pant leg.

  • May untie the left shoe.

  • They rest their hand in the left pocket.

  • Wear jewelry to the left.

Some major People Nation sets (gangs) are listed below:

  • Latin Kings
  • Vicelords
  • Spanish Lords
  • El Rukns
  • Bishops
  • Gaylords
  • Latin Counts
  • Kents


Folk Nation Identifiers
Symbols are: Winged heart; devil’s horns; dice; number 6; backwards swastika; bent ear bunny head; sword; devil’s tail; six point star; and pitch fork.

Members of Folk Nation sets (gangs) are known to use these (and other) symbols:


Folk Nation group members use right identifiers to distinguish themselves from the People Nation groups/gangs.
Right identification is displayed by the following:

  • Wearing articles of clothing to the right, such as caps, bandannas, and belt buckles.
  • Wearing jewelry to the right.
  • Rolling up the right pant leg.

Some major Folk Nation sets (gangs) are:

  • Black Gangster Disciples
  • Black Disciples
  • Gangster Disciples
  • Imperial Gangsters
  • La Raza
  • Spanish Cobras
  • Latin Eagles
  • Latin Disciples
  • Maniac Latin Disciples
  • Simon City Royals
  • Spanish Gangster Disciples
  • Two Sixers
  • International Posse


A bit more about gang identifiers:

Parents should be aware of various identifiers gangs use and be observant that they do not appear on the personal articles of their children. Book bags, posters and gang colors are used to convey the gang message.  Jewelry, articles of clothing and seemingly innocent styles, symbols, color combinations, etc. can be used to convey a gang message.

Following is a list of items to assist you in recognizing street gang members that you may encounter in your neighborhood. Please remember that if a person is wearing one of the following identifiers it does not always mean that he or she is a gang member. Parents should be on the lookout for multiple identifiers, or patterns in the use of these identifiers.


  • Right ear, gangs affiliated with the Disciples (Folks)
  • Left ear, gangs affiliated with the Vice Lords or Latin Kings (People)


  • Tilted right, affiliated with the Disciples (Folks)
  • Tilted left, affiliated with the Vice Lords or Latin Kings (People)


  • One on right hand, affiliated with the Disciples (Folks)
  • One on left hand, affiliated with Vice Lords or Latin Kings (People)

Right / Left Rule

Pay particular attention to jewelry, decorations, grooming, etc.  The Right/Left Rule can be subtle.  Watch for signs like one pants leg cuffed, a belt buckle worn to one side, an eyebrow on one side with a shaved nick in it, one shoe consistently untied or with the tongue out…

  • The same right-and-left rule applies to other items, including belt buckles, parts in hair, hair coloring or streaking, combs or picks in hair, eyebrows cut on one side, pant leg rolled up, bandannas hanging from one pocket, etc.
  • Right represents the Disciples (Folks)
  • Left represents the Vice Lords or Latin Kings (People)



  • Six-point — Folks
  • Five-point — People


  • 5 or 3 Pointed — Latin Kings

Rabbit Heads

  • Straight ears — Latin Kings
  • One ear bent — Disciples

Gym Shoes and Athletic Clothes

  • The color of shoes vs. the color of laces
  • Two different colors of laces
  • “Converse” shoes with the five-pointed star shaded in
  • Tongues — one side up, the other down
  • Laces — halfway laced on one side
  • Wearing two different color shirts (E.g. Black tank top over gold tee shirt)
  • Specific professional or college team colors may match gang colors.
  • Specific team logos may carry gang meaning.  (L.A. Kings – Latin Kings, Chicago Bulls – People, etc. See clothing labels, below.)


  • Knitted with gang colors


  • Five- or six-pointed stars
  • Rabbit heads
  • Italian horns
  • Crescents

The following is a breakdown of ways gangs interpret clothing labels, college names and sport teams

FILA – F (folks) I (in) L (love) A (always)
FLIGHT –  F (forever) L (living) I (in) G (gangster) H (hoover) T (town)
K-SWISS – K (kill) S (slobs) W (when) I (i) S (see) S (slobs)
FUBU – F (f*ck) U (u) B (blood) U (up)
NIKE  – N (niggas) I (insane) K (killing) E (everybody)
ADIDAS – A (all) D (day) I (i) D (disrespect) A (all) S (slobs)
CALVIN KLEIN – C (crip or crab) K (killers)
MECCA – M (murdering) E (every) C (crip) C (child) A (alive)
POLO by Ralph Lauren – P (property) O (of) L (locs) O (only)
REEBOK – R (respect) E (each) E (every) B (blood) O (O) K (k)

DUKE – stands for “Disciples Using Knowledge Everyday”
NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE – NC stands for “Neighborhood Crips”
HOYAS – stands for “Hoovers On Your A*s Slobs”

COLORADO ROCKIES – CR stands for “Crips Rule”
SAINTS – stands for “Slobs AINT S*it”
ORLANDO MAGIC – “Magic stands for “Maniacs And Gangsters In Chicago”
LOS ANGELES RAIDERS – RAIDERS stand for “Ruthless A*s Insane Disciples Everywhere
Running S*it”
DALLAS COWBOYS – COWBOYS stand for “Crips Out West Bangin On You Slobs”

Clothing and Styles

The “gang look” is meant to intimidate those who are not in a gang. Children and teenagers who dress in clothing that resembles gang attire are showing an interest in gangs, will attract the attention of gangs, and could be putting themselves in extreme danger. In recent years children have been shot and killed by gangs simply for wearing gang related clothing. For the safety of your children, it is very important that you do not buy or allow your children to wear any item that gang members use to identify with the gang. Some current and traditional gang clothing and styles are listed below:


Gang Related Clothing and Styles – Boys

  • Shaved, bald head or extremely short hair
  • Hair streaked or colored on one side (Right/Left Rule)
  • A nick or gap shaved into one eyebrow (Right/Left Rule)
  • White oversized T-shirt creased in the middle
  • White athletic type undershirt
  • Polo type knit shirts (oversized) and usually worn buttoned to the top and not tucked in
  • Oversized Dickie, Ben Davis or Solos pants
  • Pants worn low, or “sagging” and cuffed inside at the bottom or dragging on the ground
  • Baseball caps worn backwards (usually black and sometimes with the initials of the gang)
  • Baseball caps worn to one side (Right/Left Rule)
  • Cut off under-the-knee, short pants worn with knee-high socks
  • A predominance of dark or dull clothing, or clothing of one particular color
  • Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, etc.
  • Black stretch belt with chrome or silver gang initial belt buckle
  • Oversized shirts
  • Clothing a mixture of gang colors, black and silver or white, black and gold, black and yellow, etc.  — Know the COLORS of gangs in your area!
Gang Related Clothing and Styles – Girls

  • Exaggerated use of mousse, gel or baby oil on hair
  • Hair streaked or colored on one side (Right/Left Rule)
  • Black or dark clothing and shoes
  • Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, athletic football jerseys, etc.
  • Oversized shirts worn outside pants
  • Oversized white T-shirts
  • Dark jackets with lettering (cursive or Old English style)
  • Baggy, long pants dragging on the ground
  • Heavy make-up, dark excessive eye shadow, shaved eyebrows, dark lipstick, dark fingernail polish
  • Tank tops or revealing blouses
  • Stretch belts with initial on belt buckle
  • Overalls not fastened


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