Snoozing (Episode 4)

How to train your tiger snoozing!


Everyone hates morning. There’s no way people is gonna like this. Same is for tigers no worries. As you, they definitely love to snooze, and waking up is always hard as hell.

The bell ring, as the famous The VALiens song, but no willing to wake up whatsoever. So let’s take another couple of minutes to roll over, but hey, remember, you are training your tiger, no other way.

So put some music, a The VALiens one would do great. And start to jumping around your tiger, with speaker diffusors.

And let’s wait till the morning comes, and your tiger is going to wake up.

If not annoyed by you in the sorrounding, you shouldn’t become easy food. But hey, don’t count too much on it. With tiger you know, you never know.

Another lesson passed, congratulations! Your tiger is getting better each time and you have survived another tricky step,



Soundtrack was awesome isn’t it?

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