Tickling (Episode 6)

How to train your tiger to resist tickling



Being ticklish ain’t easy, anyone knows that. But more than anyone, a tiger would know. Coming to life with a fluffy fur doesn’t help and since a little kitten the finger of anyone try to tickle and see a reaction from the poor beast.

Being fluffy is irresistible, but being ticklish is dangerous because the enemy can use it as a fatal weapon. As a owner of a tiger is your duty to train the tiger a little by little, to resist and don’t become a slave of a tickler. You’ll need to teach your tiger to resist and act. Only then your tiger will be able to get with you in a tram or in a bus full of people. So let’s start and tickle your tiger on the head on the belly and then back again on the head.

While tickling, try to put your head close to the mouth of the tiger to listen the breath. If smells of tuna then, it’s all regular. Another exam passed, congratulations.


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