Surfing (Episode 4)

How to surf for a tiger


A tiger needs to be able to move in any conditions. Quite often you’ll need to carry on your tiger up from the stairs. just because doesn’t want to climb up.

But if you are on a flat surface and want to move your tiger quickly and no response from your pet, well, best solution would be to surf with your tiger. Or better, your tiger will surf, while you’ll have the donkey role of pulling the board.

In domestic environment is often convenient to use bed covers, or long sheet of resistant fabric, as you’ll better manage to move in between corners.

The movement needs to be gentle but strong, to don’t bother your tiger with extra shakes, but also to be quite quick. So, let’s go and train, because this time, is your time, and everything will depend from you. One single mistake and it may be your last one.

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