Straight the paw (Episode 7)

How to straight the paw of your tiger


It’s time to check the weapons! Yes, exactly, it’s finally arrived the time for a first check to the paw and nails of your tiger.

The same paws and nails which will most probably kill you one day, but right now are there only to be admired.

Take your time, long breath and get closer to your tiger. You can do while it’s sleeping, but hey, remember that more often when tiger wake up they like to kill. So it’s your call. Doing it while sleeps, and hope to don’t wake up, or viceversa, show your intention in the face of your tiger. and let’s see what happens.

You need to be very careful in this operation, just a wrong move and it’s all gone.. what is gone you ask? Well, you.


Soundtrack was awesome isn’t it?

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