Camouflaging (Episode 5)

How to teach your tiger to camouflage


Any tiger needs to hide. Not from hunters of course. The tigers are the hunters. But from annoying paparazzi or sticky fans.

This step of the training is quite fundamental, since will allow your tiger to hide and vanish without any effort. Hiding is an important component and will

Many animals have camouflaging skills. Let’s think of course to the chameleon, colorful and distinctive highly specialized clade of lizards. But for them is easy, they are thin, insignificant and use the colour trick.

For a tiger isn’t such a straightforward move, but still can be done. Tiger needs to learn how to match with the environment, became part of it and assume its shape. Only then you will be able to say:”hey, did anyone know where is the tiger?”

Try yourself. Hide the tiger and invite people home. First one finding out that the tiger is on the couch win a smoothie!


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