S01E13 – We see naked people

TheCheapDuetWeseenakedpeople-vi“We see naked people” is an album recorded God knows when by this pleasant duo of unknown midgets. Published somewhere during the 80’s, the record has been immediately forgotten and ignored. Both critics and public laughed and farted very brutally on the work of these two likely lads. Tracks as “I’ve seen that before (from the keyhole)” and “Mystic Minge” have been dramatically scorned and taunted with no respect at all for these jolly artists. But despite all that, the band has became a sort of icon for gay people and social workers, and while seems to be no traces for their lurid music, there are plenty of gadgets, t-shirts, towels, etc. for you to buy, time will tell if we will see again those inseparable friends on the scene, but their gadgets are massively sold everywhere like water in the desert.


So long,

William C. Freshwater

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