S01E12 – My lips are for blowing


“My lips are for blowing” by Svetlana Gruebbersolvik is the only piece of work ever recorded and produced (at her dad own expenses) by this infamous and lurid Bulgarian Flautist. Recorded at home in her cozy Bulgarian loft, the album features nothing more than her lonely and pretty damn sad flute. No arrangements, no other musical instruments were involved during the making of this dreadful record. The opening track “The Mandurian Advocate” is a slow-tempo ballad, which remind us of lost and forgotten folklore chants of the Appalachian Mountains. Printed in a very limited edition of 15 copies in vinyl the album has never reached any record store or radio. Sold almost to relatives and friends, this wicked album has been completely forgotten and ignored during all this time. Nostalgic people may like the groovy and heinous tracks such as “Yesterday, when we all were elves” and “The secret of your embalmed uncle”. The closing track “Nipples and Pears” remind us of a desolate Peruvian valley during a warm and rainy day but still don’t make the point of what this fetid record is about. After digesting the big failure as a musician, Svetlana has moved forward with her career, working as a supermarket cashier for many wicked and long years and then finally promoted as a regional manager of a little ecologic shop in Pennsylvania, job which she did not accept, since she was happily living in Bulgaria and had no intentions at all to move to Pennsylvania just to manage a little ecologic shop. The flute you can admire in the lurid album cover has been sold many years later to a Estonian flute collector via eBay, unfortunately the parcel got lost by the local post and it has never been found again. Her beloved instrument vanished into thin air, like the notes of her music and the copies of her records, probably also lost or destroyed with fury and anger by their respective owners.

So long,

William C. Freshwater


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