S01E10 – Let me touch him

“Let me touch me” is an infamous piece of work made God knows when by this homosexual band called “The Ministers Quartet”. These unusual singers sang about religion, freedom and social relationship between men. Recorded at their own expenses the album has barely appeared on shops, but despite that the band have appeared on many of the U.S. stages and they have been entertained drunk people since pretty long time. You may have saw them during a stop in one of those nasty suburbian tavern, they have been sang their anger and pain without any shame, in their lyrics you can find some bitter remarks made to modern society, as in their hit “Why men cannot get pregnant?” and in the mystic “If God was my cousin”.

This lurid quartet have published only one album during their long and troubled career and it seems that they have never been able to find their own kind of fans, gay people hate them, etherosexual people also. Big time. Critics have destroyed them, producers laugh and fart badly at them but despite all this hard and harsh time the band has maintained their own integrity, no matter what people think, these men are proud of what they are, as they angrily remark in their classic tune “Gimme a fluke, Luke”. If you are curious to know how these jolly lads sounds like, here is a link of one of their many concerts made around the globe. If you enjoy this you may enjoy pretty much everything.

So long,

William C. Freshwater

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