S01E08 – The Reverend In Rhythm

“The Reverend In Rhythm” by Father Robert White has no reason to exist. This album should have never been recorded or considered for a release. It is a collection of old time and pretty well known favorites with the only exception that are sung by a priest.

Apart from “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you”, the only song written by this lurid vicar (probably the only gem of this shameful record), you’ve heard all those songs before, in different versions much much better sung and played. So why this album?

To know the story of “The Reverend in Rhythm” is necessary to dig into Father Robert’s flagitious life. Father Bob (as his friends called him) did not have an easy existence. He grew up as a juvenile delinquent (well known in his neighborhood as “Mad Bob”) and spent most of his days of youth stealing products and getting wasted with hashish and gin, until the Lord put a hands upon his shoulder and invite him to join his gang. This is what folks tell but the real reason why he became a priest has never been clarified properly. Anyway, once he became a priest he did not forget his infamous past and he kept carry on with his previous vices (hashish and gin).

What people remembered of him is that when he was stoned (pretty much all the time) he loved to sing. So he kept singing no matter what, until everyone was really annoyed and started to insult him badly with anonymous letters, phone calls and yells.

In 1965 Father Bob decided to make an album (his one and only “The Reverend in Rhythm”). To accomplish his dream he was forced to steal church’s money and to sell some of the church furnitures (including a baroque organ from unknown origin and a statue of a saint (not sure which one) craftily made by an artesian in Babylonia).

Finally in 1966 the Reverend made his dream. His album was finally released and immediately ignored and befooled. What happen to the reverend then is unknown.

Mad Bob disappeared as quick as his album did from the shelves of disco shops, leaving behind him a scent of mystery, regret and decay.

So long,

William C. Freshwater


  1. Tiny Bubbles
  2. San Francisco
  3. Sunrise, Sunset
  4. High Hopes
  5. Dear Hearts and Gentle People
  6. Danny Boy
  7. Born Free
  8. Ramblin’ Rose
  9. Spanish Eyes
  10. 10.  Moon River
  11. 11.  May The Good Lord Bless and Keep you

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