S01E07 – The Gift


“The Gift” by Robert Ford’s Backshooters is a pretty weird album. There is no point on denying that.

Robert Ford’s Backshooters is one of the strangest band on earth. Barely known by the masses, the band has produced in their years of activity an astonishing quantity of albums, singles, boxset and so on. With an impressive discography of over 30 albums during their 7 years of activity (1995-2012), including double albums and extra releases of b-sides and rarities, the band has never reached the deserved attention by people.  No one has actually see their faces. Rumors say that a very famous person was involved in this wicked and lurid project. All their tracks are free to download, you don’t need to spend a dime if you dig their music.

Then in 2012, as silent as it entered, the band disappeared. No more tracks, no more music, the show is over and nobody knows why (also nobody really cares two monkeys about).

“The Gift” was one of their last albums before their departure, as usual is a mixture of grotesque rock music brilliantly played with the addition of samples and extra recordings from old, lurid and forgotten movies. In this episode you can enjoy the viscid “Island of Evil Priests”.

You can fart about that, you can turn your head down and pretend that none of this really happened but you cannot deny that these are fantastic compositions filled with humor and great vibes.

“The Gift” features also some collaboration with worldwide musicians, such as finnish pianist Ari Porki and bitter heavy guitarist John Crown. I have no idea where the astonishing cover is coming from but guys, this is a record to enjoy from the beginning to the end, thank you Robert Ford’s Backshooters for this gift!

So long,

William C. Freshwater

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