S01E05 – Live

I am not really sure who’s Terry and who’s Harry here, but doesn’t really matter.

I mean, what the hell is this? Is it a music album? It is comedy? A ventriloquist and his jokes? I mean, Good Lord!

“Live” by Harry and Terry is the work of a troubled man (Harry or Terry) and his beloved teethless creepy puppet. Rumors say that since early stages Harry (or Terry) had this thing for imaginary friends. Terry (or Harry) is a development of his childhood drama. The puppet has been for this man his best friend, his companion, his advisor, his mask for his unstable wicked life.

Addicted to heavy drugs and prostitutes, Harry (or Terry) found himself in his early 20s, homeless, forsaken and forgotten. It was only because of Terry (or Harry) that he became a king of the stages, with his puppet he performed in many lurid and nasty theatres,  where he improvised his madness. For few years it has been a success, no doubt about that, the album “Live” is the confirmation, but fame and fortune did not last longer for these 2 strange chaps.

People forgot Harry and Terry pretty quickly. Their work wasn’t made for last. Shame.  Nowadays people find this image in internet and laugh about the bad taste of the art cover.

No one cares about the pain of these 2 blokes. No one wonder what they are now. What became of those likely lads.

It is not possible to review the content of this album since there is no audio material available. The vinyl is out of print and all the audio content available on the net has been removed and deleted with fury and shame by the authors. All we have left is this image.

A man and his puppet on stage, as a reminder of their happy and glorious days. Two people that could have had a different future. Two people who fought hard to reach the success and got devastated by it.

Two friends.

So long,

William C. Freshwater

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