S01E03 – Zip Zap Rap


Some songs are made to send a message to people, I am not entirely sure here if this is the case for Devastatin’ Dave (a.k.a. The Turntable Slave) and his single “Zip Zap Rap” published in the 80s by God knows who and why. The fact is that behind this leathered dark-glassed fella there is a clear message against evil. The evil in this case is drugs.

Exactly, “Zip Zap Rap” is a hymn against drugs, even if reading the lyrics you may think there are more chances that these words were made out of a consequence of a severe and nasty abuse of drugs, have a read for yourself:

SAY NO! � NO! 

Right, pretty clear so far, say no to drugs, sure.; but here is where it comes:

Rip dibby zap, da zip dap du wap,
This is what I call the Zip Zap Rap
Hichichichy be back in a sec, 
Zippy zippa zappa gonna spend your whole cheque,
Zip dip zap, a zip wit a wabbit, 
Zippy dipa wippa got a cocaine habit,
Scooby dooby bip a zip bop blam,
It started with a quarter now it is a gram,
Zoom zoom with a scooby doo bop,
Buy yourself into projects you’re tryin to cop,
Rip and a rap I wrote with a rhyme,
I think you better call the cocaine hotline,
Zip dippa wip, you call them on the phone,
A zippa dippa wip but yo habit aint gone,
It’s been flip flop days and you haven’t ate,
I could see it in your face you were losin weight
Rip rap rop smoking back to back,

Then he goes forever, lots of words which I may feel not to post down here but embrace yourself to the video down below if you dig them.

Devastatin’ Dave’s musical career starts and ends pretty much here. Scoffed, taunted and ignored in the 80’s the singer rediscover a second youth and maybe an unexpected and final consecration during these modern times.

As a matter of facts, “Zip Zap Rap” which probably sold no copies at all during his release, is very popular nowadays between the internet users. Tons of references, youtube videos and absurdly amounts of streaming which is probably giving him tons of royalties to spend in anything he likes, but if I could give a friendly advice here and be the devil’s voice again, I would say that maybe won’t be wise to invest them in making new music. I think we are fine with this one.

So long,

William C. Freshwater

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