S01E01 – All my friends are dead

You probably have seen this album cover before. I’m pretty sure of that.

I’m also pretty sure that you are full of questions, when this album was released and why? And most important of all, who the hell is Freddie Gage?

The album features one of the most depressing cover ever made, a dude dressed in white in a cemetery, in front of a grave which probably contains (as the tile suggests) one of his friends (or all of them?).

Yes, “All my friends are dead” is the title of this work, the question come spontaneous. How is this possible?? All your friends are dead? Seriously?? All of them?

It’s hard to imagine a positive vibe behind this creepy cover but hear this, if you are expecting some depressing songs about death and loneness you’re very wrong! There are no songs here, as a matter of fact this is not an album.

Freddie Gage’s “All my friends are dead” is actually a sermon. Oh yes, a sermon recorded in vinyl in the 70s (date of release is not certain), the album didn’t sell much and became through the years ignored, scorned, disgraced and forgotten. It is almost impossible nowadays to get some of the materials recorded in there. In the late 90s the cover rapidly become an internet icon, you have probably seen it  already amongst the many collections available on the net, labeled as “worst album covers” or something similar.

Exactly, people laugh at this image all the time but let’s please take a moment and think a little bit. What’s funny about this picture? How is it possible not to see the pain behind this man? What is actually trying to say to us with “All my friends are dead”? To answer to this question is necessary to find out who’s actually Freddie Gage.

Freddie Gage was a bitter and angry Baptist Evangelist who experienced a life of pain and misery. Addicted to heroin and God knows what else, lived his life in anonymity and shame, degraded, outraged and pooh-poohed. The title is a spicy critic to all his so called friends. What he’s trying to say here is not that all his friends are medically dead, but spiritually, in their failure to accept his evangelist message (or maybe he lured them in a basement and kill them, as a nasty anonymous user commented in one of the many articles regarding this lurid, unloved and forgotten priest).

Would have loved to be the devil’s voice today and post here a track or two but seems that finding audio material from this album is almost impossible.

So long,

William C. Freshwater

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