Episode 9

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 9)

The sports editor of “La Stampa” had revealed during his visit, which, if the agreement with Cairo had not closed his avore, then he invested in Salerno. Moreover,  Italian-American confessed during his business trip to Italy to buy Torino, that he had already made contact with the owner of the grenade of the  South, Antonio Lombardi.                                              Of which, however, he said, that he had heard many good things in the city. The entrepreneur left Sicily with the American dream in head he had the impression that Lombardi was not highly regarded in the city.

As a result, he would have a problem detecting the grenade company and to enter the hearts of the fans.A month after the visit of Cala in the preparation of Turin, in September 2010, is Umberto Cairo to deny, in the columns of the newspaper, that he had never met the American.


“Cala who? Sell to whom? To Tacopina, to Calà? Let’s be serious, Torino is not the game of monopoly. I met with the Treasury, and they, well … – Thunders Cairo – there was a meeting in town I have read, say that you are informed about Torino, but I have never heard these people. From here to go to open negotiations there, do not you think? “.

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