Episode 7

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 7)

Joseph left Catania after having instructed the mayor, the municipality and the entire city on how to develop the city infrastructure for the years to come.

Coming from USA and having practiced himself at professional level made him becoming passionate soccer fan, and saw the possibility to fulfill the mission of saving Italian national football from the crisis in which it is entered.

Joseph immediately fell in love with the greatest of all the Italian team, Torino. He was impressed by the history of this time, and wanted to allow the Granata squad to return to his old glories.

“Open the file and read in line 26 -71. My group has received 300 million dollars from the U.S. Federal Government is the State of Alabama.

Anyway, I thought you were waiting for my bank infos.

The bond (bot) of $ 300 million can use it for the construction of the stadium in Philadelphia.

Let me know if you need more financial information. Many thanks, Joseph. “

The September 8, 2010, to the email address of a journalist for La Stampa, Gianluca Oddeino, get an email from Joseph Cala.

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