Episode 5


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“In space, yet I can not. Under the sea, but … “underwater Hotels, Cala Corporation has scheduled forty. What will all end – each cost 200 billion – in the seas and oceans around the world: Bahamas, Hawaii, Bermuda. The underwater hotel, but also the largest conference center in the world, dream mister Calà to Catania.

Megagalattica another city, with 33 high-rise offices, 150 000 hotel rooms, a mega mall of 500 thousand square meters, grand hotels, three golf courses, with around two thousand houses, and other two hundred thousand, three hundred apartments. “The town – says Joseph Cala – must invest only in the convention center and just. The rest will all be private money. Our and other companies.

The mayor Scapagnini? It ‘s very happy.

I made a great impression.

Was often in my restaurants, when he was teaching at the University of San Francisco: ” To achieve the “two Catania”, should be employed the workers of the former giant Costanzo, now go to the CCA. In the coming years – promises Cala – take other 4400 workers. ” If the city of Catania accept my proposal – is sure Mr. Cala – Sicily, solve the problem of unemployment.

(..to be continued..)

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