Episode 4

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 4)


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To combat the scourge of unemployment at the root, Joseph Cala, his good recipe, made in the USA he would: focus the company as they do across the ocean, just a city: it bigger and more beautiful. The ideal city, he found it: the capital Etna. Catania, such as Las Vegas.

That suburb of sixty thousand souls, has become a city of two million inhabitants – says Mr. Cala – not for the Casino. ” The city of Mount Etna, like Los Angeles. The dream of Joseph, is to completely change the face of the capital Etna in ten years. To make it really “new” Milan of the South. It begins, planting underwater the first underwater hotel in the world.

A block to seventy percent of glass and iron, built in the shipyards Americans with 87% of the funding from the U.S. government, which was completed at the end of 2002. The first hotel to 95% under the sea, has 250 rooms, the Water Park, and a small shopping center across the street, said Joseph Cala. Will be transhipped via ship, and immersed under water in front of the harbor. “Two years ago – explains the owner of the CCA – we got the permission of the Harbour Master.

It is a structure – insurance – which does not involve any environmental impact under water, it will become like a coral and fish swim around us “The artifact, implants itself up in a couple of days. No problem, in fact. Everything is easy: the only headache, if the piece is done on the west coast of the U.S., if anything, will be the crossing of the Panama canal. Details.

To put a “bain-marie” hotels, Joseph Cala has already tried: he has made a couple in Hawaii, the Grand Wailea and Maui, and another in the Bahamas, Atlantis. All three underwater for only 15%. Eleven million tourists a year – calculated the owner of Cala Corporation who come from all over the world.

The Atlantis, three thousand rooms, which cost five thousand billion, they built a tunnel between two rocks, a hundred feet below the sea, “swim where sharks, dolphins, sharks, whales. A dream! Who comes, there does not want to leave. ” Those three “dreams” lately, bought them a hotel company in South Africa. “In the future, there are two places where tourism is going strong: space and under the sea,” said Joseph Cala seraphic.
(..to be continued..)


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