Episode 3

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 3)

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All went well. Instead of continuing the flight to Canada, went somewhere else: in San Francisco, California. Thus begins, at sixteen, the American adventure of Giuseppe Calà in the United States. Perhaps few know the true story of Scrooge Sicilian-American, now forty (in 2000) and multi-millionaire, who dreamed as a child to America.

And who made his fortune in the States managing and realizing Grand Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Hawaii and the Bahamas. “In America, it was something else,” recalls Joseph spaparazzato under a gazebo in the district Bisiti Spy, guest of his friend and fellow countryman Riggi Cataldo, owner of the “Molino St. Joseph” at the gates of the capital.

“Everything was easy: two hours to get a driver’s license which costs ten thousand pounds. Want a car? With a hundred thousand pounds, the new find. The problem in America is not getting the job, but I work. The opportunities are endless. ” Now, forty years, Joseph Cala, is back again in Sicily.

But Scrooge and the dollars in your pocket. Is beating the length and breadth of the island, percombinare business, buy companies and expand her little “empire” personnel: Cca, Cala Corporation America.

The U.S. Company with a lot of site on the Internet (www.calacorporation.com), a spending capacity of five billion, and companies all over the globe with shares listed on Wall Streat, the New York Stock Exchange. It ‘a businessman on the go, today Mr. Joseph Cala, spend the time to move from one part of the world: Honululu, Tokyo, San Francisco, South America. And recently it has also added Sicily: San Cataldo, the country of origin to be a bit ‘in a family with parents and siblings, and above all Catania.

Where in recent days, after four months of negotiations with the emissaries of the Ministry of Industry and the prefect Santoro, scored the first deal of the season: the purchase of the former company Costanzo, six hundred employees and contracts in the field of construction .

“But they are quite slow,” he lets slip Joseph. ” It ‘a month I’m here. And I’m tired. It is not just the time that is lost – name Sicilian Scrooge the U.S. – but that one loses opportunities elsewhere. “

(..to be continued..)


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