Episode 25

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 25 probably The Grand Finale)

Joseph does not get frightened by the all-mighty supporters blucelesti and quiet start to show quickly That he has Those skills required by any CEO of a large company. Immediately set up a joint venture partnership with the prestiogious Cicciano the team playing closest to Vesuvius volcano. But even this last move wasn’t appreciate by the supporters, and was then time to decide what to do with those incompetent people aroung him.

So Joseph decides, throws in the towel and decided to step aside. Started with great fanfare with amazing promises (“In four years will report the Lecco in A ‘) and Pharaoh initiatives (” I listed the company on Wall Street “), the Italian-American entrepreneur adventure deflates in the heat Agostini after 42 exact days of so much confusion, little glory, and even less certainty. In a meeting in the City Italian-American entrepreneur yesterday officially announced the Mayor  their willingness to make room for a new buyer to take over the majority of shares.

“There are no more conditions to move forward – said Cala, after leaving Palazzo Bovara -. I was made scorched earth and I can not go to work every day feeling threatened by the fans, that last week I was also attacked. ” It happened last Friday when he unleashed a fierce challenge to the fans outside the stadium, after the umpteenth announcement gone disregarded on the presentation of a team that has not yet been set. On this point Cala shrugs. “What can I do if the secretary is sick and no one knows how to move the contracts?”.

On this point Cala shrugs. “What can I do if the secretary is sick and no one knows how to move the contracts?”.



In short, the bailout should be a deal, as long as Cala does not lock himself overnight in the stadium: he still has a spare set of keys.

But Joseph maintain once again the given word, and leave another town where he accomplished another mission impossible. What would be the next? Would you love JC to be the CEO of your favourite team?

Would you?


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