Episode 24

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 24)

Finally the day of the presentation arrived.  Everything is set up and the italian american decided to impress his guests, sure to please them in any aspect, as sign of the Cala Corp value proposition. Joseph Cala has ignited a bomb that is set to explode unless they begin to behave seriously for once as president . Yesterday morning near the city stadium was scheduled the presentation of the team ahead of the new season, but in style Cala was not submitted any player for the simple fact that the Lecco has no official purchases. Behind the desk to talk to the press Only three staff: the coach Stefano Franciosa, athletic trainer Roberto Cala (just a namesake) and the physiotherapist Sibilla Dainesi, the only one who needs no introduction, and then – in fact – the only reason he was called the conference. Was not present President: Joseph Cala it remained for the duration of the event in his office, next to the press room, where it is said that the stadium is also preferred when using other accommodations.

The press, however, Lombard sought clarification on the status of construction of the rose and the technical Franciosa, to everyone’s amazement, could not provide an explanation. A dozen members are training with the coach who is not able to say whether it is players who have signed a formal contract or not: “I think the work on the field, but also all members could be anyone.” A doubt unacceptable that you do not want to answer, and the technical Franciosa has simply explained that he had submitted a list of 15 players “welcome” to President, a practice very common in football. If you rely on official communications, the Lecco not have members, but the coach, by his own admission spends the whole day at the “Rigamonti-Ceppi” Lecco for the training sessions ahead of the match of Italian Cup in Sardinia of August 19, when they might be available to less than 11 people. Needless to request the Secretary of the team, Ivan Corti, which is not in place for disease according to the technical staff. Different version of Cala, came a surprise from his office after the press conference with journalists who filmed the face-to-face : “The secretary we have three days off because of death threats from ultras Lecco. “
Not even the president himself Cala wanted to answer questions about membership, but has launched a heavy challenge:

“Give me today 100 000 euro and I’m leaving at once. But if you give me a week because I have become 300 000 euro it cost me. What are the costs? It’s my business, none of your business, it is useless to speak. It ‘the only thing you can do. You are all rich in Lecco, then chased the money and take the team, I am ready to go, tell me what you want from me … “

Hilarious duet with the press who asked him who had given him the guarantee, “And who had to pay, my sister? What questions. Cash? Of course, everything in cash. The bank guarantee? You tell me what Mr. genius? “At that point, the reporter says,” is a guarantee that the money is there “… And Cala:” No, it’s a bank, Italian primary school. “Problems with language in the next line: “You try doing like boxers. Will you give me the money I made or not? I want them to see first. If you have them then I’ll show you the supporting evidence. This is civilization. “

Episodes of violence and signs of impatience of fans Lecco: three large firecrackers exploded during the conference, despite the presence of Digos and Police. At the base of anger towards the fans there would be a provocative gesture with one hand galley that would launch a two-euro coin to the fans gathered outside the stadium, in defiance. How are the words of Cala challenge to fans that contests: “It ‘s no use talking. You do not have money. If you want you can put together: the 30 ultras most of you here, whip out of 5, 10 thousand euro per person and buy the company. Do it, I do not want a NEAC Euros. E ‘in your DNA make some noise. I confirm that I agree in going away, but you must give me the money that I have already made. “

The tension has also led to a strange episode: two players (which we can not define the Lecco) came out to talk to the fans. The ultras were invited unorthodox ways with the players to get away from the area is that of the team, but the players (from Lecco tell us with a Southern accent) would respond to provocations, in exchange for pushing and slapping that caused no damage. The same would, however, returned home sore resulting in a call to 118.

The ambulance arrived at the Rigamonti has not made any medication and after a few minutes she left, as she left a truck Fire Department, alerted by someone unnecessarily society. A conference presentation turned into comedy.

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