Episode 22

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 22)

Late in the evening of yesterday came the official. Joseph Cala has affixed the signatures, now that the formalities were missing at the press conference 24 hours ago have been completed. This was announced by the accountant of Ascoli who is overseeing the negotiations, Maximum Hill whol revealed: “Everything has ended today in the study of Dr. Perillo. The agreement for the transfer of ownership of 79% of the shares of Calcio Lecco, exactly as held by Invernizzi before the arrival of Cala. “

As reported yesterday in the agreement is expected that Cala will take over the debts of the Company for one million euro, inclusive of 190 000 € for the work at the stadium while the remaining debts will be paid by Invernizzi (there are over 2 million).

But Lecco supporters appear to be picky and supported by the local press attack the Italian-American entrepreneur during the press conference of presentation.

Due to the hot climate, the always loquacious entrepreneur explained:

“At some point after threats received I wanted to go, I’m not used to this type of behavior. I showed up with my staff, competent people and we were greeted evil. Now I just want to rest and I will not do more press conferences. I came with good will and if someone thinks I’m not able to take the project forward Lecco should come forward. “

It remains unclear in what capacity Cala has used the phrase: “I did fail I Salernitana, because I’m an honest man.”

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