Episode 21

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 21)

Joseph Cala and his passion for football couldn’t stop and the love for its roots neither. So said JC, after having helped restructuring several football teams, among the others Salernitana and Portsmouth aims with Cala Corporation to give a bright future to another Italian team, A.C. Lecco.

And so arrive, directly from the stock exchange, as per words of businesswire.com, the acquisition made by the wall street quoted corporation:  NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cala Corp trading under the stock symbol CCAA announced today that the company has purchased 79% of the outstanding shares of Calcio Lecco 1912 (www.aclecco.it).

Calcio Lecco has been a major Italian soccer club since 1912. However, over the past two decades the club has been owned and managed by amateur operators. Therefore, it is the company’s plan to bring back Calcio Lecco to its glory days by playing in the Italian Premier League known as Serie A.

Currently the club plays in the Italian Soccer League fourth division. However, the company strongly believes that with the right management, it will win its division year after year until reaching the ultimate goal of the Italian Premier League. It is imperative to note that only the winning club is promoted to the upper division. The total television royalty income for the Italian Premier League is around $1 billion shared among 20 soccer clubs.

The company’s long-term plan is to build a world-class stadium adjacent to shopping centers, hotels, a convention center, unlimited parking, a class A office building, hospitals, a college and a soccer beach. Currently, three additional clubs are trading in the Italian stock exchange and those clubs are Juventus (MIB:JUVE), Roma (MIB:ASR) and Lazio (MIB:SSL).

The soccer global market demand is endless as the television royalties keep increasing year by year. For example, starting this coming year, the television royalty for the English Premier League jumped from £1.2 billion to £3.3 billion. In addition, the soccer stadium undeveloped properties represent almost 80% of the sports traditional real estate. The actual development cost per stadium location is from $200M to $1.5 billion. The chosen development location will be funded directly by a joint-venture partnership of the project. The joint-venture partnerships are classified as the largest pension system funds or REIT. The company is filing its 10K for 2010. In addition, the 10Qs and the 10K for 2011 will be filed as soon as possible. The company takes this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to our shareholders for being extremely patient during these difficult past years. In addition, the company has filed the form 8-K with EDGAR stating the ownership of Calcio Lecco 1912.

”The company takes this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to our shareholders for being extremely patient during these difficult past years.”

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