Episode 2

VALiensmania: ”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 2)

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“Get out of this bitter land. Here live only zeros! “She repeated over and over. And his customers, he called the well: zeroes, useless. Who lived in a country as “third world” Joseph recalled today – every time he understood that the groups arrived Italian – Americans.

Them, they never asked, such as sancataldesi, before ordering, how much does it cost? And in addition to not pay attention to prices, always leave good tips. So much so that in four years, in his book bearer, had collected two million and a half. That was money in ’73. It was in that year, only thirteen years old, who cut the rope.

He left San Cataldo in an early morning in the summer. With the bus Alavit to Caltanissetta, and then hitchhiked beyond the Strait. Its, to calm, he told he was going to Taormina. While friends who laughed and made fun with the backpack, he predicted: “I’m going to Paris and later in New York. Wait for me when I come back in twenty years. ” And so it was. In Paris, also helped the fortune thanks to a misunderstanding – he was told to come back, but he knew that they had hired – he ended up as assistant waiter from Maxim’s, the best restaurant in the world. Where was home to people like Onassis, Rockefeller, Agnelli, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti.

By Maxim, six hundred seats covered and a turnover in nine zeros, the “Gastronomic Mecca” of the rich and famous of the world, Joseph Cala there remains three years: the time to learn to do well in sauces, learn about food, but also to learn the ‘abc management. Although his dream, the promised land was still America.

He tried to get there the first time, in ’74, yet fourteen, on a flight from Paris to New York. But when he revealed he wanted to stay forever, the police sent him to France. Two years later, tried again. But this time, there was clever: “I left with a ticket Paris-Toronto via New York. And the police told him that I remained in New York only a couple of hours. “

(..to be continued..)


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