Episode 13

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 13)

After just eleven days so ends the era Cala, began with announcements and proclamations ambitious.

In the afternoon it was terminating the contract of sale of Italian-American entrepreneur Joseph Cala. Lombardi is back in the saddle by leveraging the “termination clause for non-compliance.” The meeting in the notary’s office in Vallo della Lucania, to terminate the agreement.

“I’ll take this year in Serie B Salernitana – announced in the press conference – in two years, then, we reach the league.” The Italian-American businessman had also announced plans to list on the stock exchange the company grenade and then declared himself ready to “investments of 40 million.” Instead, the first encounter was recorded on February 14, when the Salerno in order to avoid further penalties would have to pay salaries to members.


“I love Salernitana and Salerno – Cala said in his farewell – but the fans have a right to transparency.”

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