Episode 11

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography” (episode 11)

PROMISES AND BAGS – The Cove project is clear: to give a managerial approach to the club that took over and above re-evaluate the relationships with the players.

“They met, helped, paid and relaunched. I do not understand how can a player as good as Montervino be sent in the stands waiting to get tired and leave the club.

No, I do not agree.” Clearly new to the football (“I’ll ask the mayor to break down the fences in the stadium. It seems to me a prison”), Cala launches a series of deadlines:

“The club will be listed on an exchange, as my Cala Corporation. This will allow me to issue bonds, bots and actions that will allow the company to rake in money. We will create a 24-hour television channel and a web radio. “

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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