Episode 10

After having almost given back to Torino its old glory, Joseph moved towards south: he well knew that the economical crisis was hitting more there and the challenge would have been bigger, but nothing could scary JC.

Said the story, and could not be otherwise: the first American landing at Salerno, and then (maybe) in Rome. Football stellestrisce, with a twist, debuts with the colors of garnet Salernitana.

Joseph Cala, chairman of Cala Corporation – specializing in building luxury hotels and even a floating casino and submarines – is the new owner of Salerno.

Took over the shares of the President Lombardi, after his six-year administration. “I was faster than DiBenedetto, another American who wants Rome? I know, I hope we find ourselves in A. I want to get there after two tournaments of B, then three years in all.”

”I want to thank President Antonio Lombardi, his beautiful wife, his parents…

because they’ve always been really welcoming and kind..

we spent at least 10 weekends together in his beautiful house..”

Thanks to http://www.1919salernitana1919.com this episode of ”From San Cataldo to New York” is enriched with LIVE evidence of the genious of JC.

In Italian-American live for you Joseph Cala!!

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