Episode 1

”From San Cataldo to New York; The unauthorized biography”


Who was born in the wrong country, Joseph Cala, born Giuseppe Calà, a native of San Cataldo, had understood from a kid. “I saw too much ignorance around me,” recalls today spoken in the typical “bruccolina.”

He did not understand why everything was in Sicily “difficult” to have the water from the taps, a certificate, a work that should be a normal thing … “And I do not understand why people went below to the politicians, the recommendation towork … Too much ignorance.”

Even at nine years, as noted by himself, thinking of running away from San Cataldo, where he was born. At home, the father mesata worker, barely enough to not need to miss the other five brothers. Who could satisfy the great longing to escape the little Joseph? Already nine years, plans his life: to set aside a nest egg and then run away. In New York.
To put it into his head to America, was Don Toto Again, the bartender of the main street in San Cataldo, where Joseph “employed” as a waiter. “Ten years, loves to tell, I could do it all: the espresso, ice cream, pizza …”. A very good man, Don Toto.

Who treated him like a son. He had been in America, in New York had made his fortune in the pizzeria and had also become a famous singer, TV contested by New Yorkers. “While in San Cataldo despised him,” Joseph Cala gloss. Don Toto she always told him that he had made a big mistake to return to Sicily, to satisfy the nostalgia of his wife sancataldese.

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