Yoda bat

Zoology with: Yoda bat

When in a remote rainforest you live, this long for you to be discovered it  will take!

A team of scientists from Conservation  International, partnered with A Rocha  International and Papua New Guinea’s Institute for Biological Research, has  revealed more than 200 new species of life that they discovered in a remote  region of Papua New Guinea. The findings include new mammals, frogs, insects and  plants — and more than 100 arachnids. (Some of the species are so distinct that  are also belong to new genuses.) Most photogenic of the discovered animals is a  tube-nosed fruit bat that bears a startling resemblance to the Jedi Master Yoda  of the Star Wars films. Whether LucasFilm plans to sue the bat for  copyright infringement is unknown.

The scientists, who spent two months in 2009 in New Guinea’s little-explored  Nakanai and Muller mountains, emphasized the importance of the discoveries in  the battle to conserve the world’s ecosystems.

“[The new species] should serve as a cautionary message about how much we  still don’t know about Earth’s still hidden secrets and important natural  resources, which we can only preserve with co-ordinated, long-term management,” Conservation International’s Leeanne Alonso told the Daily Mail.

The remote region of New Guinea has been nominated as a UN Heritage Site.

— original source http://newsfeed.time.com —

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