Slender Loris

The slender lorises (Loris) are a genus of loris native to India and Sri Lanka. There are two known species:

  • The red slender loris, Loris tardigradus
  • The gray slender loris, Loris lydekkerianus

Slender loris (Loris) is a species of primate in the Loridae family. It is found in India and Sri Lanka. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.  The species used to be considered as Loris tardigradus lydekkerianus but Loris tardigradus is now a separate species found in Sri Lanka. This species has been divided into several geographically separated subspecies.

Like other lorises, they are nocturnal and emerge out of their roost cavities only at dusk. They are mainly insectivorous. In eastern southern India, the nominate race is often found in Acacia and Tamarind dominated forests or scrub near cultivation.[4] Males hold larger home ranges than females. They are usually solitary and it is rare for them to be seen in pairs or groups. However they may roost in groups of up to 6 that include young of the recent and older litters. They communicate with a range of vocalizations and also use urine and scent marking.

The slender loris is about the size of a chipmunk, with long, pencil-thin arms and legs. It is between 6-10 in. (15-25cm) long and has a small, vestigial tail. It weighs about 10.5-12 oz. (275-348g). The slender loris’ round head is dominated by two large, closely set, saucer-like brown eyes. They flank a long nose which ends in a heart-shaped knob. The eyes are surrounded by dark-brown to black circles of fur, while the bridge of the nose is white. It has a small, narrow lower jaw. The ears are large and round. Its coat is light red-brown or gray-brown on its back and dirty white on its chest and belly. The fur on its forearms, hands and feet is short. The slender loris has small finger nails on its digits. The second digit on the hand and foot are very short. They move on the same plane as the thumb, which helps them grasp branches and twigs.

— article from wikipedia —

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