Singapore crab (Johora singaporensis)

Zoology with: Singapore crab (Johora singaporensis)

Johora singaporensis, the Singapore stream crab or Singapore freshwater crab,is a critically endangered species of freshwater crabendemic to Singapore. It grows to a size of 30 millimetres (1.2 in) wide.

J. singaporensis only lives in Singapore, and has only ever been recorded from two locations. One of these was inside Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, but that population is believed to have been extirpated, as recent surveys have failed to find any examples there.

The second population is outside the nature reserve at Bukit Batok, partly on private land, and partly on military land. Acidification of the first stream may have caused the first population to die out, while a lowering of the water table in the second stream threatens the second population

Singapore freshwater crab
Population size:
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and streamlet near Bukit Batok, Singapore
Primary threats:
Habitat degradation – reduction in water quality and quantity
Actions required:
Protection of remaining habitat and establishment of ex-situ populations

— article a bit from wikipedia, pictures randmoly taken —

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