Pinocchio Frog

The Pinocchio Frog, Papua, Indonesia

The Pinocchio Frog, Papua, Indonesia: This rare frog species was discovered in 2008 during an expedition to the Foja Mountains. The frog has a long, Pinocchio-like protuberance on its nose that points upwards when the male is calling but deflates and points downwards when he is less active.

An international team of researchers was camping in the Foja mountains of Indonesia when one of them, Paul Oliver, spotted a frog sitting on a bag of rice in the campsite.

On closer inspection it turned out to be a previously unknown type of long-nosed frog. When the frog is calling, its nose points upward, but it deflates when the animal is less active.

“We were sitting around eating lunch,” recalled ornithologist Chris Milensky. Oliver “looked down and there’s this little frog on a rice sack, and he managed to grab the thing.”

“Herpetologists [experts in snakes, lizards and frogs] have good reflexes,” Mr Milensky observed.

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