Tzu, Lao


Philosophy with The VALiens: Lao Tzu’s selected writings


Joy is foundation of life. What gives you joy? Joy comes from the inside to the outside, and in the process of knowing yourself you learn what you love about life. Once you know what you love, allow it for yourself. Give to yourself that which you love. Allow to come to you, that which is joyful. That is the art of giving to yourself, the art of allowing.

Let’s say you enjoy horseback riding and there are horses available to ride for free and you are fit. So you ride and it gives you great joy. You feel happy.

In another scenario, you long to ride, but there appears to be some obstacle. Perhaps, there is a fee to ride and you don’t yet have the cash in your pocket. You must acquire money in order to ride, and you long to ride. So you acquire the money and you give yourself the gift of riding. Again you feel happy and you have expressed self-love.

Suppose you are skilled in self-denial. You want to ride but you don’t allow yourself to ride, or you don’t allow yourself the money or the horse or the time and the fitness to ride. You don’t allow yourself the pleasure, the joy of life. You deny your love and your feel dead.

Love and life and abundance are infinitely available through allowing yourself love. Trust the power inside to heal you, to bring you home inside, to solve your problems. Focus your mind on your goal, allow it to come to you, the divine will do the rest. Rest your mind in the divine and the divine will prove its power to you. This omnipotent, omnipresent power loves you infinitely. There is so much love that it is incomprehensible to the mind, flowing in an open heart, there is a sea of love.

On Judgment

Judgment hurts you and the one you are judging. When you judge, you are not in your happiness. Judgment comes from thinking too much and being attached to your preferences. Quiet yourself. Breathe. Practice detachment.

On Worry

Worry is toxic. When you have a problem, small or large and you worry, the problem gets bigger. You worry more and it self creates. But within you is a very great power. This power is ever-present. It heals you and it heals others. It can heal all. The world will be a really great place to live when we all realize our nature inside is love. Loving and allowing the good is soooooooooo easy. Relax. Love.

On Materialism

Materialism is so silly. Think of Christmas. We decorate a tree, we come together, and we have a good time. We share food and music and we love. That is enough. We are full.

When you are already full and you have more you make yourself sick. You are trying to fill an empty void. When you fill up through mediation and music, the void is no more. Life is joyful. Have some fun. Be joyful right now. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is fiction.

On Health

If your body is sick, relax and love yourself. Find good support, eat well, juice your greens and drink your salads. Call the sea. Call yourself home and attend to your body. Listen. Go in and talk to your belly. Find out what it is saying. Anchor deeply. Call a friend. Ask for help. Listen to music. Laugh more. Love.

On Being Grouchy

Oh so you are grouchy, moody? Relax. Rest. Get warm, play, dance and dance some more. If you can’t dance, laugh. Pretend to laugh until the real laughter comes. Smile.

Go outside breathe some air. Feel your feelings. Yes all of them. The ones down underneath that you judge. Stay present and voila, love returns.

Come on. A smile would be good for you right now. Turn the right side of the lip up, turn the left lip side up. Smile.

On Flowers

Flowers are love embodied. Look deeply at the color. Feel the vibrancy. Put your nose a little closer. Look deeply. Fall inside. Start your life over right here, right now, inside a flower. Make a new decision. Then feel again. Decide you are Ok right here now. Hold that thought, drop down a foot, now love.

On Tiredness

Tiredness is a sign to rest. How obvious. Slow Down. You say you work long hours and have no time to rest.

I say you must nourish your body and your soul. Stretch, meditate, rest, do yoga, drink healing water and tea. Have a good herbalist on your team. Be practical. At work, slow down on the inside. Practice deep breathing, and relax yourself. Your self-care matters. You matter. Breathe color. Relax. Rest. Your body will rejuvenate all by itself if you rest, recreate, allow.

On Allowing

You are the creator of your world.
You may not always wish to acknowledge this, but it is true.
So act as if.
Your vibration attracts like energy.
If you resonate high energy, you attract the same.
Breathe. Think good thoughts. It is simple. We always come back to love.

A Little Poem

Clap your hands
Have some fun
Set down the run and play.
Let yourself go.
It’s really Ok, to be happy.
Big smile on your face, completes the race, so you can go home inside, into love.
– Lao Tzu

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