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Theoretically, investments is the most enjoyable way to make money: invested money in investment fund – and further you need to remove investment income!Online investment is your carefree future.How is everything is for real?
So, we will begin with definition. Investments in a broad sense call an investment of money in various projects for the purpose of receiving profit. If in real life is usually practise of long-term investment in the real business, in the Internet, such programs can be counted on the fingers(if you interest only such programs ,you should go this way ),practically all investment funds on the Internet are the virtual projects which term of life seldom exceeds one year. In overwhelming majority of cases investment – projects live in the Internet some months, and in case of highly remunerative investment – projects the account goes on weeks or even days.
All online high-yield investment projects can be divided into two types.
1. High Yield Investment Online. They are called high yield because charge a very high interest on your deposits.

2. Investment funds, taking money to invest in a real business (forex, betting, etc.). Such funds charge a lower than
fund percent, but their reliability is generally disproportionately higher.

On what such high “profitability” of Investment Fund is based? On the main page of any Fund it is possible to read fairy tales that Investment Campany administration successfully is engaged in trade in the Forex market or highly remunerative investments into the real business, intended for investors beginners and for the most credulous investors. In fact, all Investment Campany work on the so-called principle of – the interest paid to investors by the money invested by new investors later.In other words, it is a piramidny principle, and everone, to a coma was brought to get acquainted once with “MMM” or “Vlastilina”, I think, abundantly clearly that any such pyramid can’t infinitely raise: since any moment of the sum, which investors deduce from system, inevitably will start to exceed new investments.Any Investment Campany as online investment project finishes work long before this moment: it is simply closed!In addition, the rules of any Investment Campany you can read, they can be changed at any time that the administrator is not responsible for your money that you invest them voluntarily – in the end, it should be read as follows that no one any guarantee you will not receive!

Nevertheless, almost every day  appears dozens of new Investment Campanies, and people continue to carry there their money in searching of best investments, and most of them are perfectly aware that they can not only increase their capital, but  also to lose what invested .

You asked me how to invest?Why do they do it? And because any Investment Campany at first regularly pays interest to all participants – because otherwise nobody would invest in them. Therefore, those who enter into Investment Campany at the begining ,often have a real chance to multiply their money. But they can also lose all.



These are the short-lived program: investment income they live from 2 days to 2 weeks. Such Investment Campany paying 10-200% per day, and sometimes more. To invest in such projects is extremely risky.It is not necessary to invest in such projects the large sums .In general, this type of Investment Campany, rather, for those who like tickle their nerves.This is bad idea where to invest money,in such project.


Investment funds of this type of pay from 3% to 8% per day. This type of best investments program is a little less risky than the first: they live 2-4 weeks and a maximum of 2 – 2.5 months.
Long Term Investment Campanies ( low persentage, long-lived Online Investment Campany)

Such programs pay 2-3% and can live up to six months, but most close in 3-4 months.
Extra Long Term Online investment.

Profitability of such investments is the best lowest compared to all the others, but, nevertheless, is higher than at any commercial bank: 0.1-1.5% daily. Often these programs pay interest once a week or month. They are long-lived of Online Investment Campany: the period of their life can be up to a year.Best investments is investment in Extra Long Term Investment Campanies. But in order to get any tangible return on these funds, you need to invest a large sum, and investment, as we remember, in any case it is very risky.

How to invest money

This type of online investment programs appeared after the others, in 2005, and applies for some “honesty” in comparison with other types of Investment Campanies , as in them conditions of a prize and loss make a reservation accurately in advance. As in a casino… How to invest money? Such projects are constructed by a principle of recurrence and theoretically can infinitely proceed, while is wishing to take in them part. Each cycle of investment, or a round, games works by a principle of usual Online Investment, but the highlight that the round comes to an end when the sum of payments will reach a certain percent from total amount of deposits money (usually 85-90 %). The administrator takes away the remained 10-15 % for – the commission to the founder for granting a playground, so to speak. The new round begins from scratch. Thus, in Online Investment game more, than in any other Online Investment, the rule ” first in – first out” operates that is to “win”, it is necessary to make the deposit as soon as possible, during the first hours after the announcement of the beginning of a round.
Besides, don’t forget that any invest money can stop existence long before the average time indicated here. Much less – can live longer.

If this information is not repulsed you desire to try to multiply your money in online invest, I advise to to review the following paragraph for help you in choice where to invest money:
Advices to novice players with Online Investment

-As in a case with Online Investment you deal with the extremely unreliable and unstable sphere, such action as search of authorities which could “advise you reliable Online Investment”, and further dared to operate according to their recommendations here doesn’t work: reliable Online Investment simply don’t exist, and even the most skilled experts can be mistaken.
-Responsibility for the decisions is born only by you. If you lost – in it anybody, except you, isn’t guilty: you, voluntary gave the money to the swindler! If you are inclined to take hard long because of the failures – keep the nerves better, don’t invest money in Online Investments!
-Never believe that the Online Investment admin says about himself and his site! They are all trying to create the impression that they, in turn, invest your money into a profitable business, forex, betting and so on and so forth. In fact, all of them – just a pyramid scheme!
-The older Online Investment, the greater  chance that it will be closed in the near future. If you miss join the project in the beginning, you risk to  not  return invested money.Best way is look at the data whois – at the same time check the details of the person to whom registered the domain (do not forget that there is nothing easier than to register the domain to another person living on the other side of the world.) Example whois service: Wservices.
-No way do not put all your intended for investment amount in a single program! Distribute it to multiple programs (this is called diversification of funds)
-Almost all investment programs provide an opportunity reinvest accrued interest, not taking them out of the program (compound). You should not use this option unless you do not return the invested.
-If you really value your money, the game with Online Investments most likely – not for you. It is better to treat it easier, agreeing in advance that you have lost invested money . It will be more pleasant if you “return” the deposit, and the easier it will be to survive a real loss.

Where to invest money

-The most obvious sign: start delays of payments.
-Input of new investment plans, typically with higher rates and higher threshold of minimum or maximum amount for investment. Such a move indicates that the administrator is going to, as they say, “cut the dough” in the end.
-Technical problems. Not always, but where to invest money very often problems on the server, a hosting, etc. are first signs of fast closing of Online Investment: it is the most widespread reason for Online Investment closing. But even if the problems with hosting – though the owner would prefer to open a new project rather than messing with the resolution of technical problems encountered in the old.
I think after all of the above you may want to ask:as for me, whether I work with Online Investments? My answer: yes, sometimes I play, but do not do it systematically. As for success, I can say that, like everyone else, somewhere win, lose somewhere, no big losses, no fabulous profits from this, I do not get.

Then why did I put this article, you ask? Just to let you know about this area of online investment ??”earnings” more, if not already know! For example, e-mail sales letters sponsors often contains various advertising Online Investment, and if you take at its face value everything about what they write, you can lose a lot by inexperience!


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