Dealing with smelly colleagues



    • 1

      Be sure that the smelly co-worker is just not having one bad day. If he smells on a consistent basis, take action immediately so the situation doesn’t become worse.

    • 2

      Do not gossip with your other co-workers about the situation. The smelly co-worker may overhear your snickers and feel hurt. Your co-worker may also feel like you and your co-workers are ganging up on her.


    • 3

      Speak to your supervisor privately. Explain the situation to them in a professional manner. Be sure to include how it is affecting your work and the impact it is having on the company. A good supervisor will listen to what you have to say and speak to the smelly co-worker about his grooming habits.

    • 4

      Take your co-worker aside and explain the situation to them if your supervisor will not. Meet with them privately either at work, before work or after work in an informal setting.


    • 5

      Assume that your co-worker does not realize how their smell negatively affects others. Be direct, serious and empathetic when speaking to her about the situation.

    • 6

      Prepare for a reaction of anger and hurt. Remain calm if the co-worker becomes angry. Do not get into an argument with him. Give him time to think about what you have said and realize why his personal hygiene is important to the company.

    • 7

      Talk to your supervisor, again, if the situation does not improve after your discussion. Emphasize the fact that it has put everyone in an uncomfortable situation.


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