Be the coolest of your office

Business with: Be the coolest of your office

Do you need to be cooler at your office job? Need a better social life? Here’s a solution that is sure to work.


  1. 1

    Act like you already are the most popular person, with a great social life. If people believe you are popular then they will want to be around you and invite you to their parties.


  2. Smile. People want to be with a happy person.
  3. 3

    Care about your appearance. Take a shower everyday. Spend at least half an hour in the shower. If you are a man make sure you shave. Get a manicure every often even if you are Female.

  4. 4

    Have lots of parties. Make them fun parties; nobody wants to go to a boring party.


  • Be yourself.
  • Learn how to juggle, you never know when it might come in handy.


  • Do not trash talk your boss or other co-workers ever.
  • Do not get drunk at parties with your co-workers, doing stupid things while drunk will not make you popular.
  • Do not hand people a stick to beat you with – don’t talk bad about yourself to others. Don’t say something stupid in front of a big group of people.
  • Never ever date someone at work. Unfortunately for women, this gives people the idea you are easy!
  • Don’t curse at work – sounds trashy and unintelligent.
  • Don’t say or do outrageous things. This makes you look unprofessional. And once others think you are unprofessional, it’s hard to change that image (even if you change).

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