Become a CEO today!


Business with: Become a CEO today!

Whether you’re looking to start your own company or head an existing one, becoming a CEO (chief executive officer) is a life-changing experience. It takes more than business savvy and management abilities to steer a successful company. Some self-exploration will serve you well in the future when the newness of the experience has worn off and you realize you’re responsible for your staff’s well-being.



    • 1

      Be honest about whether you’re ready to take on the responsibility of being a CEO. The buck stops with you. No matter who messed up, everyone will look to you to make it right.

    • 2

      Assess how much risk you can take. The CEO makes decisions that affect the health of a company, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. You’ll need to combine creativity with caution.

    • 3

      Think about your vision for what you want to do in life. You could direct a manufacturing company to international success, but if you know they exploit their workers and it bugs you, you’ll feel empty.

    • 4

      Figure out a strategy for your career. Write a detailed business plan if it’s your own company. Target an industry and map out where you could fill a need and how you’re going to do it.

    • 5

      Work on your communication skills. Take a course in business writing. Read articles on making presentations.

    • 6

      Delegate tasks as much as possible. Trust your team’s abilities and let them do their job in peace. Listen to their suggestions and, if they don’t match your company’s strategies and vision, explain why.

    • 7

      Maintain good relationships with your staff. Learn everyone’s first name, no matter how large your company is. Pay them generously and reward them for creativity and quality.


Tips & Warnings

  • Technology, with its wide-ranging innovations, may be the industry to go into to become a CEO quickly, if you can catch the wave of a successful trend.
  • Get experience in many different kinds of jobs. That hands-on knowledge will help you face all kinds of challenges.

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