Science with The VALiens: COROT-7

Is there any life outside of our Earth? This is the question that humanity is asking since its beginning. Thanks to technological progress it became possible to take a glance beyond our solar system. So here we come! A huge number of exoplanets was discovered since 2009 and conditions on some of them are far more that exotic. For instance the planet COROT-7 b (previously named COROT-Exo-7 b) – Exoplanet, which orbits the star COROT-7 and is in the constellation Monoceros. Was discovered in early 2009, the spacecraft «COROT».

At that time, it was the smallest of the known extrasolar planets, the radius of 1,58 ± 0,1 Earth radii. Mass of the planet according to studies is 7,42 ± 1,21 Earth masses. Thus, the average density of the planet is estimated to be 10,4 ± 1,8 g/cm3. The planet is very close to the star and turns around in 20 hours which makes the year on this planet one of the shortest of all known.

Subsequently it was found that the planet (its illuminated side) is a vast ocean of lava, which is formed at about +2500-2600 ° C. This is higher than the melting temperature of most of the known minerals. The planet’s atmosphere is composed mainly of vaporized minerals, which results in rain of rocks on both sides of the planet.

The conditions on the bright and dark side of the planet are very different. While the illuminated side is a seething ocean, which is in a continuous convection, unlit, probably located on the crust of lava and possibly covered with a huge layer of ordinary water ice.

Probably only strong rocking men can survive there.
And The VALiens are for sure something for them.
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  1. amedar says:

    Hello. excellent job. I did not imagine this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!


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