Black hole

Science with The VALiens: falling into a black hole

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What will happen to us if we fall into a black hole?

Let’s suppose we have found a way to escape singularities. What happen to us if we enters the black hole in this case?

So, when we reach the event horizon, the huge gravity of the black hole will start pulling us. Because of it we will accelerate to such an extent that the speed of the movement in the direction of the black hole will tend to infinity. According to the theory of relativity, we slow down in time. This means that for the casual observer (hereinafter – CO) our rate of movement to the black hole will tend to zero, and thus, we will focus on the event horizon, and never fall into the black hole.

But this is true only for CO. What we will feel at this moment?

It is not possible to exceed the speed of light. However, it is relative. What would it mean? This means that we can not exceed this speed from the point to CO. But for us it is quite possible. Just when exceeding the speed of light, we will slow down over time (but only according of CO).

An example:

We are flying in a spaceship to the planetary system, Alpha Centauri, the distance to which is about 1.34 pc (parsecs). This distance is approximately equal to 4.36 light years. This means that moving with the speed of light we would have reached the destination in roughly four and half years. But just imagine that our vessel is so technically advanced so we can reach our point within one.

How will our mission look like regarding CO? As soon as the ship exceeds the speed of light, it will start to slow down in time. The difference between the speed of the ship and the value of the speed of light is proportional to the slowing down of the ship in time. This means that the faster we go the slower we are in time.  In this case we will reach the destination within a week. However, for the rest of the universe the trip lasted for four and half years. That is all about relativity.

For the CO one we reached the event horizon of the black hole we will stop there. But this is from the point of CO. Keeping in mind that the time slows down as the speed increases; our moving towards the center of the black hole will become infinite. Out of this we can make an interesting conclusion. Although we do not know exactly what will happen to us, flying through a black hole, we know for sure that for us our journey will last a moment. But for CO it will be in terms of infinity and infinity never ends. Funny, isn’t it??

Here comes some nuance. One can assume that the universe does not exist indefinitely. It will end at the certain moment. Then it turns out that we can cross the black hole only when universe will end. This conclusion brings up another question: “Does the black hole stop its existence together with the universe?” If it is true we will disappear together with the universe.  What if this will not happen? For example, a black hole is connected in parallel universes. Then the destruction of one of them shall not result in the destruction of the black hole, since there is still a second universe … Then we will probably find ourselves in it. It turns out that if we want to get into a parallel universe we will have to destroy our own. But don’t worry! The VALiens do exist in parallel universes. Wherever you are, The VALiens is always with you!

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