SPA GP 2012

DTM 2012: waiting for SPA

DTM 2012 race of SPA is approaching very fast and soon our beloved Lars will deliver the hottest video of the moment, of the 2012 SPA gp.

In the meantime, as suggested by our fan, the VALiensmaniac Jeroen, from Chevrouheid, Belgium, a little food suggestion for all the visitors to the SPA circuit.

50 years of “frikandel” (or is it 55 years?)

frikandelThe famous Belgian/Dutch/German snack sausage “frikandel” (also known as curryworst) celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Some doubt has rissen about this “anniversary”. It is not clear who actually invented the popular sausage. Snack producer Beckers claims their founder Jan Bekkers invented the sausage in the fifties. Others see De Vries Vleessnacks in Dordrecht as the real inventor.

A new variation of the frikandel, the “Pikandel”, will be launched this year. Same sausage but more spicy. This week the Dutch mens magazine Panorama gives away 100,000 Pikandels to its readers, a commercial stunt in cooperation with snack producer Beckers.

Article taken from:

Submitted by Mich on Tuesday, 10 February 2009, alrights go to him!

A movie on the Beckers website gives you an idea of the production process of the frikandel.

And now, after an ingestion of these delikatessen, let’s get back on focus on the racing part!

Click HERE for the QUALIFY

Click HERE for the RACE

Click HERE for the RACE Summary and Driver Championship Chart after Race 2

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