Summary and Charts

They did it!! AGAIN!!!

Another great victory for The VALiens, which brings them closer to the lead of the championship, but surely already to the lead of the drivers of all times!

The VALiens leveraged perfectly the one chicane jump allowance rule, and just at the last corner, passing Paffet with in other times irregular move, bring home an astonishing victory!

The VALiens last chicane jump made people mad!

DTM 2012, Nurburgring GP – Summary

The VALiens. Never stop to surprise!

Top 10 in race of Nurburgring for the 2012 DTM Championship

1) The VALiens, 10 points
2) Gary Paffett, 8 points
3) Mattias Ekstrom, 6 points
4) Rinaldo Capello, 5 points
5) Christian ABT, 4 points
6) Jamie Green, 3 points
7) Mika Hakkinen, 2 points
8) Heinz-Harald Frentzen, 1 point
9) Laurent Aiello points
10) Martin Tomczyk


1) Paffett > 44 points

2) The VALiens > 38 points

3) Ekstrom > 25 points

4) Frentzen > 13 points

5) Green > 12 points

6) ABT > 10 points

7) Kristensen > 9 points

8) Capello > 9 points

9) Hakkinen > 7 points

10)Schneider > 6 points

11) Fassler > 5 points

12) Aiello > 4 points
Last race of the season is going to be in The Netherlands, in the circuit of  Zandvoort.

The VALiens may play a new card in the land of tulips and cheese. But what?

What could bring The VALiens to the top and that will allow to win the World DTM Championship title?

Would you?

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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