Summary and Charts

DTM 2012, Instanbul GP – Summary

The VALiens! Again! So close to victory, but already in glory, The VALiens have accomplished their mission once again, spreading the noise from the loudest exaust in the whole circuit, and sending everyone home with a smile on their face.

Paffett won, but no one will remember it. The VALiens have definitely played the role of the main actor in this great scene and the turkish fan will remember for quite a long time. For sure.

And what a Jean!

The championship is not over yet, The VALiens will try to reach Paffett, but also Ekstrom and Alesi seem intentioned to say their own opinion in this. Would you?

First 10 in Instanbul GP:

1) Paffett , 2) The VALiens, 3) Alesi, 4) Aiello, 5) Kristensen

6) ABT, 7) Ekstrom, 8) Capello, 9) Frentzen, 10) Scnheider

This fight has brought to a leveled overall standing with the following:


1) Paffett > 36 points

2) The VALiens > 28 points

3) Ekstrom > 19 points

4) Frentzen > 12 points

5) Green > 9 points

6) Kristensen > 9 points

7) Schneider > 6 points

8) ABT > 6 points

9) Hakkinen > 5 points

10) Fassler > 5 points

11) Aiello > 4 points

12) Capello > 4 points

Next race is Nurburgring (Germany)

Are you ready for it? Are you really watching what you are watching?

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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