Summary and Charts

4th! Once again! The VAliens, Paffett and Frentzen tried, but what an Ekstrom eventually!

The VALiens arrived 4th in another race where they have been on the top and fighting hard for most of the race.

The flying swedish Ekstrom set the fastest race pace and win in front of a hungry Paffett and an angry Frentzen.

Around the Czech track corners some aerodinamic issues again for Green are keeping the funny driver away from the top of the championship chart. Horrible, horrible wrong..this was the judgement for any decision of Jean Alesi team. Suspects of boycotting over the french.

First 10 in Czeck GP:

1) Ekstrom, 2) Paffett, 3) Frentzen, 4) The VALiens, 5) Aiello

6) Kristensen, 7) McNish, 8) ABT, 9) Green, 10) Scnheider

This fight has brought to a leveled overall standing with the following:


1) Paffett > 26 points

2) The VALiens > 20 points

3) Ekstrom > 17 points

4) Frentzen > 12 points

5) Green > 9 points

6) Schneider > 6 points

7) Hakkinen > 5 points

8) Fassler > 5 points

9) Kristensen > 5 points

10) Aiello > 4 points

11) Capello > 3 points

12) ABT > 3 points

The circus is now heading towards Instanbul for the Turkey GP, 2012. And we are all waiting for Lars Grobelmacher next great video shooting, from the land of Pistakios.

Voices about is real identity are circulating in the web.. is he perhaps this dude?

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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