Formula One Legends: World Championship 1992

The 1992 Formula One season was the 43rd season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 1992 FIA Formula One World Championship, which commenced on 1 March 1992 and ended on 8 November after sixteen races.

The four major teams all kept at least one driver from 1991, with the two main title challengers both fielding unchanged driver lineups.

McLaren kept drivers Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger from the 1991 season. Williams likewise retained Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese. Ferrari replaced Alain Prost with Ivan Capelli, Benetton retained Michael Schumacher, now paired with Martin Brundle.

Further down the grid, the Jordan team took a risk by replacing both drivers after their successful debut season, while the impoverished Coloni team had been sold and renamed Andrea Moda Formula, a team that itself would be part of Formula One infamy.

The 1992 Formula 1 season was marked by the end of the hegemony of the McLaren and Williams beginning of an era – it would just pause for a German driver between the years 94 and 95 and would last until 1997.

That year, the British driver Nigel Mansell won his first and only – but deserved – world title. With nine wins in the league and a total of 108 points scored, Mansell opened 52 points of advantages for the runner-up, teammate Riccardo Patrese.

Meanwhile, the young Michael Schumacher won his first race in F1 – Grand Prix of Belgium – and finished the championship in third place, ahead of triple world champion Ayrton Senna.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
South Africa 01/03/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 72 1:36’45.320
Mexico 22/03/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 69 1:31’53.587
Brazil 05/04/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 71 1:36’51.85
Spain 03/05/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 65 1:56’10.674
San Marino 17/05/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 60 1:28’40.927
Monaco 31/05/1992 Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 78 1:50’59.372
Canada 14/06/1992 Gerhard Berger McLaren-Honda 69 1:37’08.299
France 05/07/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 69 1:38’08.459
Great Britain 12/07/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 59 1:25’42.991
Germany 26/07/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 45 1:18’22.032
Hungary 16/08/1992 Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 77 1:46’19.216
Belgium 30/08/1992 Michael Schumacher Benetton-Ford 44 1:36’10.721
Italy 13/09/1992 Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 53 1:18’15.349
Portugal 27/09/1992 Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault 71 1:34’46.659
Japan 25/10/1992 Riccardo Patrese Williams-Renault 53 1:33’09.533
Australia 08/11/1992 Gerhard Berger McLaren-Honda 81 1:46’54.786

Drivers Championship final standings

Pos Name Nat. Team Points Wins
1st Nigel Mansell GB Williams-Renault 108 9
2nd Riccardo Patrese It. Williams-Renault 56 1
3rd Michael Schumacher Ger. Benetton-Ford 53 1
4th Ayrton Senna Br. McLaren-Honda 50 3
5th Gerhard Berger Aus. McLaren-Honda 49 2
6th Martin Brundle GB Benetton-Ford 38
7th Jean Alesi Fr. Ferrari 18
8th Mika Hakkinen Fin. Lotus-Ford 11
9th Andrea de Cesaris It. Tyrrell-Ilmor 8
10th Michele Alboreto It. Footwork-Mugen-Honda 6

Constructors Championship final standings

Pos Team Points Wins
1st Williams-Renault 164 10
2nd Mclaren-Honda 99 5
3rd Benetton-Ford 91 1
4th Ferrari 21
5th Lotus-Ford 13
6th Tyrrell-Ilmor 8
7th Footwork-Mugen-Honda 6
Ligier-Renault 6
9th March-Ilmor 3
10th Dallara-Ferrari 2


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